Lace Panties with Pink Polka Dots

24-hour Quickie Panties

Typically, all of my used panties are worn for at least 48 hours and cost upwards of $60. Some have no problem with this option; others go for the $200 custom used panties to make sure they get exactly what they want.

However, every day I get emails from hopeful buyers that just want a simple pair of panties. No frills, no talk; just wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. Or in other words, a quickie.

These boys want it rough, dirty, and fast. You lock eyes in a coffee shop and before you know it you’re in the alley picking up your skirt while he pulls down your panties, pushes you up against the brick wall, and slides his hot, hard dick into your dripping wet pussy.

You’re breathing so heavily, you have no breath to moan as he pounds away hard and fast. He finishes and you don’t speak, but he takes your panties with him as a souvenir.

Quickie panties are $30 for 24 hours wear including masturbation and vaginal stuffing before shipping first-class. The type of panties you receive will be a surprise!

How to Order and what’s included.

Used Lace Bodysuit by Fawn

Nude Lace Bodysuit

My absolute favorite thing to secretly wear is a slightly too small nude lace bodysuit underneath my everyday clothes.

The simplest of clothing feels wonderful shifting and gliding over the tight lace. A t-shirt feels exotic. A warm sweater dress feels taboo.

Half the reason I think I enjoy nude lace bodysuits as much as I do might be from how tickled I get from innocent, harmless secrets. Having people know what I’m wearing underneath my boring outer clothes would ruin the fun.

It gives me confidence to know something no one else knows, even if it’s something innocent.

My nude, lace bodysuit is $100 for 3 days of wear including masturbating at least twice a day, exercising at least once, and stuffing the gusset inside myself while masturbating before packaging and shipping Next Day express.

Used Panty Erotics by Fawn

Used Panty Erotica

One of my favorite buyers recently confessed the pleasure he gets from learning the specific things that ladies do or think while they are preparing their panties.

Of course, we discuss the things I like to do in my panties through email, but sometimes I just want to jot a quick, dirty note or draw an erotic image. Email makes it very hard to do these things.

With these mini-notebooks, I can leave you little notes as a keepsake of our time together. ♥

Erotic notebooks are $50 for one 2.5″ by 4″ white, Moleskin Volant notebook with 56 plain, unlined pages filled with erotic drawings, short stories, descriptions of my masturbation sessions, and a few surprises.

How to Order:

  1. Go to my Square Cash page
  2. Type 50 where it says $0
  3. Enter your card info(I will never see this)
  4. Enter your email address as a note
  5. Click the pay button and you’re done!

Square cash will validate your information and send your payment.
Orders won’t be sent unless verified by a working email address.

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