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The Skeptic The Skeptic Lightly-scented with creamy cum and a hint of ass 1-day / $30 Black T-Back Thong (95% Cotton/5% Spadex) First-Class (3-5 days) + $10 for Priority + $20 for Express
The Newcomer The Newcomer Deliciously moist and large enough to wear, if you like 2-days / $50 White Low-Rise Brief (100% Cotton) First-Class (3-5 days) + $10 for Priority + $20 for Express
The Ass Man The Ass Man Deeply ass-scented with an optional anal creampie 2-days / $75 Light-Colored "Wedgie" Panties (100% Cotton Gusset) First-Class (3-5 days) + $10 for Priority + $20 for Express
The CEO The CEO Strongly-scented with intense workouts and no shaving 4-days / $150 Dark-Colored "Camel Toe" Panties (100% Cotton Gusset) First-Class (3-5 days) + $10 for Priority + $20 for Express
The Connoisseur The Connoisseur Vacuum-sealed ovulation cum-filled gusset, need I say more? 2-days / $200 Dark-Colored "Camel Toe" Panties (100% Cotton Gusset) Express (overnight)
The Dignitary The Dignitary Includes a lengthy, day-by-day photo diary during preparation Up to 5 days / $300 Buyer's Choice Express (overnight)

– Used Panty FAQ –

What happens after I order?
How do I pay?
What'll my bank statement say?
Do you offer returns or refunds?
How do you ship?
Do you ship overseas?
Do you have discreet packaging?
How long will it take?

What happens after I order?

1. Your request is sent to my email.
2. Your payment is pending.
3. Your order is scheduled.
4. Your order is prepared.
5. Your order is shipped.

What'll my bank statement say?

If you pay with Giftrocket, it will say GIFTROCKET.COM.
Here’s their faq page section:

If you pay with Amazon, it will say it’s from Amazon.
Here’s the screenshot from me asking an Amazon support person:

Do you offer returns or refunds?

Due to privacy concerns, I do not accept returns of any kind.

Only items paid for using Giftrocket can be refunded, I can’t give refunds on items paid for with Amazon.

Cancellations before the item is prepared can be refunded (if using giftrocket), exchanged, or postponed.

I always do my very best to give you the best experience I can. If I have failed, I will gladly replace your order. However, if you are unsatisfied despite my best efforts, it’s in the nature of my items that we must not be a good fit for one another.

I beg your understanding before placing your order and giving me your money.

How do you ship?

All domestic orders are shipped via USPS and postage is included. A list of my shipping methods for each are listed below:

Do you ship overseas?

YES! I am now shipping overseas! I see London, I see France!

All international orders are also shipped via USPS. Priority and express international postage is NOT included in your order and must be added to your total. Typical shipping times and price ranges are listed below:

  • First-Class Mail International
    10 – 14 business days (free!)
  • Priority Mail International
    6 to 10 business days ($25 – $30)
  • Priority Mail Express International
    3 to 5 business days ($55 – $60)

Do you have discreet packaging?

Orders are packaged in discreet 12.5″ by 9.5″ USPS Priority / Priority Express (or 4″ x 8″ padded envelopes for first-class) with a printed label from FFB/FFB 13350 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75240.

To ensure freshness, each gusset is wrapped in plastic wrap then the folded panty is placed in two zip-lock baggies and pressed to remove the air. The Connoisseur is vacuum-sealed.

How long will it take?

If you’ve never purchased anything handmade before, be aware that I am one person taking orders, responding to emails, preparing panties, shipping orders, and trying to take some pictures of my sexy ass — ALL IN MY FREE TIME.

As I am just one, real human-being, there will be a wait while I prepare orders. I will NEVER rush an order or ship anything that I’m not personally happy with. Expect your money’s worth and expect a wait. ♥

Typical wait times from payment to shipment are 2 to 4 weeks.

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