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My Sweetie & Our Adventures Part III

French Maid Photoset – Hairy See-Through Panties
I’m home! ♥
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This order of The Dignitary is scheduled for April 26th through the May 3rd, 2017.

Wednesday, April 26th

It’s been a while since my Sweetie Carl requested an order and I’m more than excited to prepare a beautiful pair of see-through panties just for him. My absolute favorite color, turquoise.

It starts Friday, when I talk about what I’m going to do tomorrow. SC got me a new toy, one I’ve never even seen before. Sometimes I feel really sheltered even though I have my little hobby. I wouldn’t have thought of half of these adventures if it weren’t for SC and a couple other very special friends.

Remember, as with every Dignitary, come back every day to see my daily updates until May 3rd.

Friday, April 28th ~ 8:30pm

Last night I got to experience a double vibrator for my very first time.

Tonight I’m going to talk about my experience with this toy… I honestly didn’t know they were a thing. More updates will come for the next week, don’t worry.

It’s a small pink remote with two wires coming out of it and at the end of the wires are two even smaller pink vibrators. At first glance it looks like it won’t do much, both vibrator tips are about the size of a bullet vibrator.

I have several bullet vibrators, one of which came with a harness that was bought for me, but that’s another story. lol My point is my experience with bullet vibrators is they aren’t very strong.

Work seemed to drag on longer than usual and I couldn’t wait to get home and try my new toy.

As soon as I could, when I got home, I nearly ripped apart the box and ran all around my house in my panties trying to find the right batteries. Luckily, I had plenty. A girl like me always has extra batteries. *blush*

And then I turned it on. I was not expecting how strong it was. I got even more excited.

I put a little towel down on my bed and proceeded to soak the vibrator tips in lube. By this time I’m so excited I almost feel anxious, almost nervous, and absolutely delighted.

With the toy off, I held the base of one vibrator next to the cord and slowly pushed it deep inside my pussy. I tried to position it toward my mons pubis because I read somewhere that it does nice things.

Then I moved on to the other vibrator, but I took a second to tie a little knot in the cord so I would know which was which just in case.

There was a slight resistance as I pushed the small, pink vibrator tip into my asshole. I kept pushing slowly and felt the lube drip out of my ass. It was a bit cold, but it excited me even further.

I pushed until my finger was inside me up to my knuckles.

Then I took a little breath and turned the toy on.

My body twitched quickly, but it was almost violent. I thought I couldn’t handle it and went to turn it off only to find out it had multiple settings. Apparently it starts on vagina earthquake and gets easier to take after that.

So I tried each setting until I found one that pulsed lightly then rose slightly and went back to light, over and over again.

Even though the setting was now much easier to handle than the first, having two strong vibrators inside me was like nothing I had experienced. These were dynamite in a small package.

It didn’t take long for them to work their magic, though, and before I knew it I went from being almost uncomfortable to wanting something stronger. I could see now why there were so many settings.

I rubbed my clit vigorously while trying out each setting. Some pulse-pulse-pulse, others buzz-pulse-buzz, each different in wonderful ways.

Finally I settled on the first one, so intense still but I wanted exactly that intensity now.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I came with my full body. It’s exactly how I felt the first time I did anal and it was the absolute best fucking I’ve ever had or given myself.

I can’t wait to use it again tomorrow. *bites lip*

Monday, May 1st ~ 8:30pm

Before I reminisce about my weekend, I just want to say that as soon as I finished my post on Friday, I immediately went back into my room and had more fun with my toy. I know I’ve told you this already, but THANK YOU SWEETIE CARL!

Luckily, I went to the store on my way home from work, so I had a bottle of wine already. Basically, that was my Friday night. Wine and my new toy. It was wonderful.

On Saturday, there was some sort of festival in town, so I went to check it out with some friends.

The wind was nice, but the Texas heat still found a way to make me sweat as we walked around the festival.

SC had told me not to wipe, or shave, while preparing our panties. I was getting a little worried that the heat and sweat and walking might make me a little too fragrant for polite company. Like someone would recognize me from it, lol.

And like magic, I get a call from my boss. Sure, it saved me from being nervous about how strongly my panties smell, but now my Saturday was ruined.

I biked home like a madman, panting and heaving and sweating, and ran inside.

I thought I was going to be fired for sure because I was certain the problem was not only my fault, but it was an incompetent mistake.

I opened my computer as fast as I could. It decided to load the slowest any computer has ever loaded in the history of man using turtles as computers.

Finally, I found the problem and PHEW, it’s wasn’t my fault. Not only that, but I could easily fix it.

Now I’m a hero… a hero that has just found herself alone in the house with an only slightly abused new toy.

The sun had already begun setting on my way back from the festival, so it was just getting dark. I decided to leave the lights off. All of the sudden, I was feeling very kinky.

I got myself all set up, just like Friday. I wanted to feel that feeling again and for the rest of my life.

But then I thought, maybe this can be better somehow.

I don’t normally think things like this. I don’t normally fly close to the sun. I normally wear a big floppy hat and drink a mimosa in the corner.

But here I was, with my fingers covered in lube and my holes plugged and I thought, ‘What more pleasure can I get?’

Then I remembered the Womanizer. The toy that blew my mind before this new one. Where the new toy feels like the best anal sex I’ve ever had, The Womanizer feels like the best cunnilingus.

These two things must be one!

I gently rolled over, making sure to keep my towel underneath me so I didn’t get lube all over my bedsheets, and opened my nightstand drawer, pulled out The Womanizer, and got ready to burst into a million tiny sparkles.

First, I adjusted the bullet vibrators and made sure they were as deep as they could go.

Then, I found just the right spot on the hood of my clit for The Womanizer to suck away.

Finally, I turned everything on.

I learned my lesson, though, and made sure none of them were on the highest setting straight out of the gate.

But it still caused a jolt to shoot through my body.

It felt so good, I was actively trying not to cum so I could keep going.

I didn’t last long and before I knew it, I was curled up with my knees almost touching my chin, while my body twitched and I felt jolts at odd intervals.

There was no way I was going to wait hours to do that again. As soon as I could, about 2 minutes later, I started right back up.

This time I was capable of lasting for what felt like a really long time, but was probably more like 6 minutes.

I’m becoming addicted to my new toy, SC, and it’s all your fault.

Tuesday, May 2nd ~ 9:00 pm

I didn’t have to be at work today until after noon, so I got to chatting with my Sweetie Carl. We talked about how much fun it was to wear a toy to work without anyone knowing… So, I did it again.

This time I knew it wasn’t going to be as obvious as I had thought before, but then again, my new toy is much stronger than any battery powered vibrator I’ve had before.

Could I be sure no one would hear?

Another concern was the remote and how touchy the controls were. Every time I had some fun, I’d get a little carried away and end up pressing a button. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen this time.

I knew as long as it stayed either on or off and didn’t change modes, I’d probably be fine.

SC and I wished each other a good day and I started to get ready for work.

Even though I was fairly confident I had everything under control, I was still nervous. Maybe I was just excited. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference, especially when it’s sexually exciting.

Since my panties are so strong smelling, I was going to wear my thickest pair of pants anyway, but now they get to do double duty; both keep in the scent and the vibrator tips.

The only problem was what to do with the remote. Where could I put it in these tight, unforgiving pants? The pockets are far too small, I might hit it on the seat back if I put it behind my back, under my belt area.

I guess the only place I could put it was in my panties with the rest of the fun stuff. It was a tad uncomfortable packing so much heat, lol, but with a long blouse, it was completely hidden.

My panties were ready and so was I, off to work!

Everything was going pretty well, I got used to the slight pressure, but while in a bit of traffic I bent over for some lipgloss in my purse and the toy turned on!

It made me scream and do a quick jump. I looked around to make sure no one saw me. I was in the clear.

And because no one was looking, I went ahead and tried to turn it off… you know… gracefully, with speed and accuracy.

Not at all. I kept fishing around my open pants, inside my panties, for the remote to the vibrator that had a tip each in my pussy and ass, all while trying to navigate my car in traffic that started to pick up.

It seemed like ages before I found it, turned it off, and regained my composure. I took another look around and still no one was staring or laughing at me. What luck, lol.

Aside from that, the rest of the drive was incident free. But I must say, it didn’t help my nervousness.

I was now acutely aware that if my secret toy decides to have a mind of it’s own, there’s little I can do about it.

However, I’m no quitter.

I decided to go straight to my desk and ask about the weird half-day. Apparently, it wasn’t a half-day, but a late day. I was going to have to be there until 8pm.

I thought I was being smart by suggesting to wear the toy today because it would be a shorter work day. I’m just happy there wasn’t some sort of work party or big meeting. I’ll take a late day over a meeting with senior staff while I’m wearing a vibrator that has it’s own mind, thank you.

After about an hour I decided to make my move. Only certain staff had to come in today, so my little nook was almost empty except for me and one other coworker two desks down.

I slipped into the bathroom, made sure no one was in, and turned on the vibrator to the lowest setting I could find. Before I knew it, someone was walking in. I immediately flushed for no reason, washed my hands, and scurried back to my desk.

So far, so good. 🙂

Absolutely no work was done for the next 20 to 30 minutes, I can’t recall how long it was, I was distracted.

I kept feeling like I was just about to orgasm and someone would adjust their chair or cough and I’d realize over and over that I was in a giant room full of people that just so happen not to know what the hell I’m doing.

That would take me out of the enjoyment for a second, almost resetting my orgasm it felt like.

Finally, I felt a crescendo. My leg twitched and hit the let of the table, but no one noticed. I also covered it up a bit by picking up my bag and walking toward the kitchen area, where there is a single bathroom.

I tried not to make faces as I walked by coworkers on the way to turn of the vibrator remote in my panties. I may have winced at someone, but I don’t think they thought anything of it.

I made it to the bathroom and locked the door. Then I unbuttoned, reached into my panties and turned of the remote.

I can’t believe the day I had. I hope you like my telling of it, SC.

One of these days you’re going to get me into trouble. 😀

Thursday, May 4th ~ 7:00pm

You may notice a lack of update yesterday, that’s because I burned my hand cooking and couldn’t type.

As soon as I told SC, he immediately went into protector mode trying to cheer me up and give me first-aid advice, which both worked splendidly. I guess I could call him Doctor Sweetie, lol.

Since SC requested this Dignitary before I went to Paris, we decided I should dress up in a French maid costume for the picture that comes with the order.

At first, I was going to buy a costume on Amazon, but a lengthy search lead me to conclude that all of their costumes are garbage. So I’d have to make my own. Because there are no good fabric stores in my part of Texas, as I soon found out, I had to put something together from the items in my house.

I think I did a find job, considering the constraints. 🙂

There are a few other photos that I might decide to add to the gallery in the coming days. Maybe I’ll post those on Tuesday, when I typically update my blog with a photo collection.

This time it will be ALL NEW! (wow)

Without further ado, here’s the finish product. A gloriously smelly 7-day wear Dignitary with a prominent “skid mark”:

All my love,

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