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My Sweetie and Our Adventures

Detailed Diary Entries from My Dirty Little Heart
Filthy Scat Feces Defecate Poop Shit Panties
Da-na-na-na-na Ass Man! Ass Man!

This order of The Dignitary is scheduled for September 9th through the 14th, 2016.

Friday, September 9th, 2016

I’ve started wearing your order, but I refuse to give you any details until Monday, just to tease you.


Monday, September 12th

Sweetie Carl gave me very specific instructions on how to wear our panties, as he always does. This time I’ve agreed not only to try my very first butt plug, but to wear it to work. Of course, I would never do anything I’m not comfortable with, however, this intrigued and excited me.

One of my favorite aspects of selling my panties is that it’s my little secret. I’ve worn orders at work, with friends, and even family, and I’ve always loved having a somewhat taboo little secret hidden right below my clothes.

Wearing panties is one thing, but being in a meeting with my co-workers and boss while I had a giant, purple butt plug in my ass is quite another.

When I first got it, I immediately tried it. I believe I talked about it briefly in another diary entry.

I loved it. I love it so much I had to tell Sweetie Carl he can’t have it back. Or maybe, it’s mine until he sends me an even bigger one. *blush*

The orgasm reminded me of my first time doing anal. That was also a request, one from my dearest Ivy. Both situations were not my idea, but they were my decision. And I loved them both. Seems I might be into anal. 😉

Back to this morning, I made sure to wear a sturdy pair of blue jeans, of course. An embarrassing situation might occur if I wore leggings or god forbid a skirt! Can you imagine if I tried to wear a skirt, Sweetie Carl? Oh my god!

I have to admit, though, I was too scared to turn on the vibrator. I’m absolutely certain they would have heard it in the quiet office. If I were a better actress, I could have pretended I didn’t know where it was coming from, but I just couldn’t.

There will be two more chances, though. And I believe you gave me a backup option if I chickened out. How did you know I would chicken out? GAH!

I think I might try again tomorrow. I have a meeting with a client at a loud coffee shop. I might be able to get away with a low setting. Oh my gosh, I’m still so excited thinking about it.

I took a photo earlier, but I can’t add to the site yet, the memory card isn’t formatted for my computer. However, I did get so excited taking that photo that I cranked the vibrating butt plug up to max, grabbed my Hitachi, and went to town. Tuesday Edit: Fixed it! I found a cord so I don’t need any dumb memory cards.

I’m a little worried that I’m now addicted to ass play when I masturbate…

Oh well! 😉

 Tuesday, September 13th

Part of SC’s extensive set of instructions are to alternate wearing my panties backward and forward so that the gusset is completely lacquered with my scent and fluids. So today, I not only wore my panties backwards for the first time, but I also went to my client meeting, shall we say, buzzed?

This is not the first time SC has purchased The Dignitary, I think it may be the 3rd time? Possibly 4th? And each time they have been pretty different. They might even be growing more outrageous, lol.

Typically, I keep my panty selling life inside my home, but I agreed to go to my local coffee shop — to meet a business client, no less — while wearing a 7-inch long “vibrating probe” in my anus.

This time I had the nerve to turn it on.

Because I had worn the “Anal Buddy” to work the day before, getting there wasn’t unknown. I knew what it felt like to walk with this sex toy secretly up my ass. What I didn’t know, was if I could turn it on without anyone suspecting.

I’ve had a million client meetings at this coffee shop and I knew how loud it was, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be loud enough. What if my client found out? I have to have a day job!

Before I left my house I wasn’t sure at what point I would turn it on.

I thought the best plan of action would be to get there early and turn it on before my client arrived, that way the noise, if they heard it, wouldn’t be abrupt. This way it might just mix in with the other ambient noises.

However, even though I showed up almost 20 minutes early, my client was there… waving me over…

It took all of my power not to yell, ‘FUCK!’, at the top of my lungs, but I managed. Hopefully my client didn’t notice a wince in my face, or my slightly odd step.

I decided to order a drink to buy myself some time to think. I couldn’t really turn it on in public without looking like I was up to something. Maybe no one would notice, but I couldn’t take that chance.

That’s when I realized I could excuse myself to the bathroom and turn it on there!

I got my drink, excused myself, turned it on, and took a deep breath as I opened the bathroom door and walked back toward my table. This was it. How was I supposed to talk about work when I couldn’t think of anything but Sweetie Carl and his wickedly exciting games?

I sat down.

It seemed like a million years until we started talking.

And as the talking went on, I realized they had no idea my anal cavity was gently buzzing. They went on about markets and social media and god knows what else because I was hardly paying attention.

Somehow I managed words and ideas and solutions, I have no clue how.

I’ve never been that sexually thrilled in my life.

At one point, I adjusted the way I was sitting. This reminds me of another Dignitary Sweetie Carl purchased where I was to wear my panties like a thong, all bunched up and rubbing against my fancy bits, while a work. After a few minutes I would begin to forget my panties were “in a twist” and I’d move only to have a jolt of electricity run up my spine.

The difference here is that at no point during my meeting, did I ever forget my vibrator was inside me.

So when I adjusted the way I as sitting, I did it deliberately. And it was a pleasure.

I moved one leg under myself so that I could push the vibrator in with my heel, real incognito, and it worked! I was afraid the buzzing would be audible if I opened my legs, but no one seemed to notice. And boy did I ever start having the time of my life pretending I couldn’t get comfortable. *hee hee*

I have one more day to wear our panties, Sweetie Carl, then you’ll get to see the fruit of all my labor.

 Wednesday, September 14th ~ 5:00pm

When Sweetie Carl asks, I deliver. ;)

I accidentally did it backwards because that’s the way my panties were at the time. lol

As per usual, SC gave me very specific instructions on how to “finish” our panties. Here’s a summary, in my words:

Turn the butt plug vibrator to max and masturbate using the Hitachi until I squirt. Then, while sitting on the toilet, I take the butt plug out and wipe it on my now creamy panties making sure to snap a photo and send it directly to him.

Of course, Sweetie Carl’s exact words are much more descriptive and precise, which I appreciate. I’ve always loved how well spoken my sweetie is.

Wondering what that photo looks like? Well, here you go. Lots of creamy goodness as well as plenty of “chocolate”.

I hope you like them, Sweetie Carl, I certainly enjoyed preparing them for you! I can’t wait to prepare your next order and go on a brand new adventure!! 😀

All my love,

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  • You certainly got my attention and curiosity. One thing is for sure……… we both enjoy teasing each other. I have no other choice, but to stay tuned , for this is ” to be continued”‘ Have a wonderful weekend. From your Sweetie, Carl.

  • If you wish ,feel free to email me about the details, that is,if you feel uncomfortable. I know a gave you quite challenge, but, I wouldn’t have given you this if I didn’t think you could handle it. It is up to you,but you always have a way with words to describe your panty experience.Either way, I am dying to read more. If you leave something out, be prepared for a spanking……. Just teasing you lol. I could never harm my favorite panty model. Violence isn’t in my nature, unless you like getting spanked. I would be happy to oblige. From your dedicted Sweetie, Carl.


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