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My Sweetie & Our Adventures Part V

Video Diary for June 2018
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about 8:00pm

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And now for the continuation of My Sweetie and Our Adventures, this time we are on big number 5!

Sweetie Carl always comes up with creative and exciting things for me to do while I wear his order and this time is no different.

Sweetie C, M.S.B. requested that I play a little game on the city bus.

The game is to wear a hidden toy and try to climax every time a passenger gets on or “gets off”.

My bus route is pretty busy, so I have no idea how this is going to go.

I’m not even sure if I have the nerve to do it.

But hey, of all our adventures, I always have fun and Sweetie Carl says that’s what makes him happy.

And a happy Sweetie Carl is a happy Fawn.

I have to remember not to wipe after peeing, but it’s almost become second nature whenever I prepare a special pair for my Sweetie Carl.

And SC, did you notice how long my hair is???

I’ve been growing it out and it’s getting pretty impressive, capable of capturing all those lovely scents!

This is going to be the best week ever.



24 hours of wear


48 hours of wear


72 hours of wear


96 hours of wear

Today I rode the bus after a very long bike ride.

I was extremely nervous about using my regular bus, as I mentioned, so I biked a few miles away and took a completely different bus to play SC’s game for me.

Before hopping on the bus, I stopped and had lunch. While there, I went to the ladies room and inserted two small, but powerful bullet vibrators into myself.

This is one of my favorite toys that SC bought for me.

It’s bright pink with a generous length of cord attaching the bullet vibrators to the remote.

At first I was going to insert both of the vibrators into my lady bits, but I thought I remembered SC requesting that I wear one inside my vagina and one in my ass.

So, of course, it was my pleasure to accommodate his request. It’s always my pleasure. *smooch*

The cords were luckily hidden by my baggy shirt and I put the remote in my pocket so I could easily navigate the buttons without making much movement.

I left the bathroom, paid my bill, walked to the stop close by, loaded up my bike, and nervously got on the bus.

It felt like everyone knew what was going on. I felt like everyone was watching me.

If I remembered the rules correctly, I was to turn on the toy every time someone got on or off the bus, so that’s what I did.

The first time some one requested a stop I almost chickened out. I was so nervous it was going to be loud and noticeable.

But I remember that not being a problem before and the bus was fairly loud that route.

We stopped, the rider got off, and I summoned the courage to turn on my vibrator.

I actually forgot I had decided on putting one in my ass and I almost yelled out, but I muffled it into a cough.

I’m sure my face turned red immediately, but hopefully people just thought I was choking to death. lol

At the next stop, I decided to change the rules a bit and turn the vibrator up with each new passenger.

It only has 5 settings, but I could already tell it wasn’t going to be that long until I had an orgasm.

I knew I wouldn’t make it to my stop before then either.

It had been less than a minute before I started feeling that familiar tingle build inside me.

Hopefully my face didn’t betray how I was feeling.

Another stop and a passenger got on, so I turned it up one notch.

I thought I might not even make it to level 3 and I was sure my face was at least wincing with every electric burst.

I readied myself to prepare to fake sneeze if I should moan.

It wasn’t long until another rider got on and a few got off. I decided that should account for a couple notches, just for fun.

I realized I was biting my lip, so I turned to the window.

Luckily, no one was sitting next to me or even close to me.

I felt like I was about to explode.

My foot twitched and hit the chair in front of me, but it didn’t make a loud noise.

I was too distracted to care anyway, but it did give me the realization that I should probably brace my feet.

I’ve tended to knock things over before.

With my leg muscles taut and my feet firmly against the chair in front of me, I felt the tingles crescendo and break into a tidal wave of pleasure through my body.

My foot twitched again and I stifled a moan.

I immediately turned the toy off and floated for a minute in the receding tide of pleasure.

It was a few more stops until my own, so I had to sit there afraid that everyone knew what I just did.

When my stop came, I grabbed my bike and started home without any word from anyone.

It makes me wonder how many people are masturbating on the bus all the time. lol

Thank you for the fun game, my Sweetie Carl!



120 hours of wear


144 hours of wear


168 hours of wear

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