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Wishlist Diary for April

Flowers and Fingers Videos for May!
The Skeptic, a black thong used panty
Wet Panties – New Edition
Wishlists posts are made for EVERY gift purchased for me from my Amazon wishlist.

Happy April Showers, fellow panty lovers!

And today is a very wet one for your panty girl, Fawn.

Not just outside, but in my bedroom as well.

Today I have two very lovely pieces of lingerie from two very generous gift-givers.

Thank you so very , very much for your beautiful gifts!

And you would like to give me a gift, my wishlist is updated monthly.

This month I have a bunch of floral, girly things I’d like to show off for May:

Check out my whislist


[us_single_image image=”4807″ size=”full” align=”center”]

White Lace Teddy

from T

[us_single_image image=”4803″]
[us_single_image image=”4801″ size=”full” align=”center”]

Generally, in this price range, some lingerie items can vary wildly in their quality.

I’m glad to say that this one is on the high-quality end of the spectrum!

It’s well constructed with intricate details in the lace.

And the fabric feels lovely on my skin.

A great find, if I don’t say so myself.

And a cherished gift that I will adore for a long time.

Thank you so much, T.

It’s beautiful!

[us_single_image image=”4804″ size=”full” align=”center”]

Two-Piece Velvet Lingerie

from Shannon

[us_single_image image=”4802″]
[us_single_image image=”4800″ size=”full” align=”center”]

Oh Shannon!

This luscious lingerie set is so fun to wear!

I feel almost sporty in it, makes me want to get athletic in the bedroom. lol

But it also feels very luxurious.

Like Beyonce!

I wish I had larger curves to fill it out, but I think I’m doing okay.

Thank you, Shannon, I absolutely love it!


All my love,

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