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Wishlist Diary for July

Birthday Blowjob
The Girl Next Door
Wishlists posts are made for EVERY gift purchased for me from my Amazon wishlist.

Happy Hump Day!

Today I have two lovely gifts from two lovely people.

One is specifically a birthday present and the other is a set of panties for a custom order.

If you’d like to have a particular pair of panties worn for your order, send me the amazon link and you can buy them from my wishlist.

Not only do you get the exact panties you want, but you get a photo.

If you’d like to have your gift showcased on my diary, like the ones below, purchase something from my wishlist.

Check out my whislist


Flowing Maxi Dress

from Shannon

YAY! My first, and probably only, birthday present!

I’m turning 29 on Monday and of course Shannon was ready with a gift.

Its YOU who are the gift, my lovely little Santa Clause.

I should just hop on your lap and whisper all of my wishes in your ear.

Speaking of wish, this dress was the item I most wanted on my wish list.

You, dear Shannon, have an uncanny ability to pick out the exact thing I was hoping for the most.

And I’m glad you do because I haven’t stopped wearing this dress since I got it.

It’s so comfortable and flowy, if that’s a word.

Thank you Shannon.

I hope you like the photo!

Fawn shows off her dirty red lace thong used panties

Lace Thongs

from Ray

As I mentioned in the email, Ray, these lace thongs are surprisingly comfortable.

Some lace panties are very restricting or delicate, a girl can’t get freedom of movement in them.

But these barely feel like anything at all.

I almost forget they’re there until I use the ladies!

But they’re also very pretty and fit snugly into all the right places.

I hope you enjoy your order.

And thank you very much for the panties!

All my love,

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