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Wishlist Diary for Shannon

Self-Love February
Second Annual Fawn Awards
Wishlists posts are made for EVERY gift purchased for me from my Amazon wishlist.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of which, I have a whole bunch of new items on my wishlist in the $10 to $30 range.

One of which is very silly, but I thought someone might find it funny.

As always, any gift you send me will be showcased in a post just like this one.

Here’s hoping I have all 11 items to thank some generous valentines for.

Check out my whislist


[us_single_image image=”4712″ size=”full” align=”center”]

White Lace Lingerie

from Shannon

[us_single_image image=”4713″ size=”full” align=”center”]

This lingerie is actually quite soft, especially for lace.

An the pattern is so pretty, I love the art-deco-style design.

It makes me feel like a sexy little 20s flapper in the back room of a speakeasy smoking a very long cigarette and listening to jazz.

And the panties have the same intricate design.

I love it. It’s so much better than the pictures!

Thank you Shannon!

[us_single_image image=”1499″ size=”tnail-1×1-small” align=”center”]

Would you like to send me a gift?
And see photos of me wearing it?
And have me personally thank you in a diary entry like this one?

Check my Amazon wishlist.

Or email me to add to the list.

All my love,

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