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Wishlist Diary for Shy – Christmas 2018

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Wishlists posts are made for EVERY gift purchased for me from my Amazon wishlist.

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a good one, I know I did, thanks to the generosity of SHY, thank you!

I’m taking a brief vacation after visiting family for Christmas, but I’ll be able to reply to your emails and orders as soon as I get home.

Until then, be safe and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

[us_single_image image=”4618″ size=”full” align=”center”]

Cashmere Sweater and Calvin Klein Heels

from SHY

[us_single_image image=”4617″ size=”tnail-masonry” align=”center”]
[us_single_image image=”4616″ size=”full” align=”center”][us_single_image image=”4615″ size=”full” align=”center”]

I’m absolutely stunned at the continued generosity of the wonderful Shy aka Space Scott. I can’t even count how many gifts he has given me, I’ve never felt so pampered!

And boy has he thoroughly impressed me this time.

Thank you so much, Shy, the sweater is soft and luxurious, the shoes are stunning and so comfortable.

You’ve absolutely blown me away.

Just… Thank you.

Thank you so much.


[us_single_image image=”1499″ size=”tnail-1×1-small” align=”center”]

Would you like to send me a gift?
And see photos of me wearing it?
And have me personally thank you in a diary entry like this one?

Check my Amazon wishlist.

Or email me to add to the list.

All my love,

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  • You look alluringly sexy and the pumps bring out your shapely calves. Another great picture Fawn! Keep them coming!


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