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Glamsturbation is my made-up term for masturbating in glamorous clothing and is the name of a 4-part series of videos.

In this video, I wear a tight, black dress and super sexy, diamond-studded peep-toe heels.

In each video, I show off my shoes before removing them to tease you with my little toes.
Then, I remove my lovely dress to show you my even lovelier lingerie underneath.
Next, you sit at the foot of my bed watching while I play with one of my many toys until I orgasm.

I hope you enjoy my little video, I know I did.

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  • Bryan Gilbertson
    February 13, 2019 8:48 pm

    I have a question, in your glamsterbation video , do you wear pantyhose underneath your dress. I have a serious pantyhose fetish, and would love to see you peel them off before masterbating. It would be so much fun to watch. It’s my favorite thing to do is smelling the lovely ass of a woman in pantyhose. I hope that dont sound to weird. You look so heavenly, I guess I was just fantasizing. Love you Fawn.💋


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