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THANKS FAWN!!!!! Just opened UR panties & there still wet!!! The smell gives me goosebumps & the taste is sweeter than honey! The only way they could be any better is if U were still in them! Wish U were still in them, I’d spank UR bubble butt & give U a mustache ride from here to China, U naughty little girl!!!!!


Good Morning Fawn,

I felt compelled to write to you and this letter is long overdue !

I am very pleased with your CEO Panties I received and also your 2 bottles of Lady Pee sent a week or so before that!!!
Last Sept. I purchased a bottle of your Lady Pee and found that it gets even more beautifully scented with age. (like a fine wine) In Dec. It became so fragrant, it would make me Cum in less than 60 seconds. ( I’ve never been a quick draw man but your Body’s Nectar is Out of This World ! )
I don’t know what I will do when you stop offering what your body expels…
I intend to stockpile your nectar from your bladder. (I’m sorry to be so graphic) it is a huge turn-on.

A week ago I was in my car 14 miles from home and started thinking of your scent, I almost came in my pants without even touching myself. I had to pull over and get out of the car in the snow to cool down…
I had such a feeling of Euphoria !!!

Thank You so much for your generosity with your body, you are Truly One in a Million !

I hope my letter has aroused you in a way that you need to caress your wet pussy to a beautiful orgasm !
If you do, I would very much love to hear if I made you feel as good as you have made me feel. I would feel as though I’ve helped you to fulfill someones else’s order…

I will be taking care of myself soon to your beautiful scent.
I look forward to my next order from you Fawn.

I hope I have not over-stepped my boundaries with you, that was not my intentions.
I want you to feel good like you make me feel !

Sincerely Yours,


Hi sweetheart, I received your panties and as I hoped were identical to the picture, I noticed the extra care taken to preserve the wonderfulness of you. they are perfect, you have pleased someone very much I can’t say enough thank you for sharing intimate part of yourself with me. They are pure pleasure.


I got my order today. All I can say is wow. Your panties are intoxicating. You have a new and very excited customer for life. They just make me want more of your stunning items. … I wish I could have shown you how excited your panties made me. Especially the ass man with your 💩 on them.

Have a great weekend love.


Hey Fawn,I thought you would like to know, after opening the package and just knowing what was in front of me I instantly got hard. I was so excited to to get to smell where your vagina actually had been touching. It correlates with your pictures because how beautiful of a women you are. Finally removing the wrap to protect your excretions I slowly brought the panties closer to my nose and smelled them. I continued that for a long time until finally I couldn’t resist any longer and I tasted your cum that was left on the inside of the panties. It was a pure clean smell, and the taste was unique to the the pictures of you. I didn’t have to guess that they truly were your panties. After smelling and tasting them I put them on and was rock hard just knowing my pens was touching where your vagina had touched.


Your panties have a most profound impact on my most erotic fantasies. Such a scent with a little hint of female musk. I will order again.

Mr. T

You are the greatest. My package came and it was warm because of the heat outside. And because you wrapped in the freshness with plastic film, they were still very wet. Warm and wet, and they smelled so fresh, it was like you just took them off and handed them to me. The fresh warm gusset was so heavenly, I came within minutes. I love you Fawn 💋. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much.


I think I am one of the luckiest men alive. I get to own another one of Fawn’s panties, and better yet, this one is a thong! The sweetest scent you want to breathe in, and they are all mine!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.

Sweetie Carl

Fawn is simply incredible. Her panties are AMAZING.


dear, fawn
your package was safely arrived and i enjoyed very much:)
your pantie really had a very strong smell😎

Very Good Boy